The jailed colleague Dawit Isaak turns 50 in jail

Today the Swedish-Eritrean Journalist Dawit Isaak turns 50. A wonderful event for those who are free. A day to celebrate amongst friends and family. This will not be the case for Dawit Isaak. He has been held in Eritrean prison since 2001 without trial. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience and has called for his immediate and unconditional release. He is the only European citizen held as a prisoner of conscience.
In honour of Dawit Isaak and as a call of action to raise awareness for Dawit Isaak I wrote some words and recorded them in a replica of a cell that we use in Sweden in order to raise awareness about Dawit Isaaks situation (Even Desmond Tutu has visited this replica during his last visit to Sweden.) . I also wrote a text in swedish for Aftonbladet, and took part in tv-sofas, radio-interviews during the day.

Dawit Isaac was presented a choice

He could have choosen another job, another profession.

He could have stayed in Sweden

But his love for Eritrea, journalism and his fellow human beings got him to stay and write

That decision brought him to the dark cell. 

His only crime is courage

I think Dawit will hold it together,

because despite his physical freedom being taken away or even his clothes, he still holds on to the most valuable possesion which nobody can take from him, the right to decide who he is.

Dawit is a journalist and every day is just another day at the office.

The big fear for Dawit I believe is to be forgotten, attention is more important then bread and water, it keeps him alive.

Words put him in prison and words will set him free.



  • Hannah Telluselle

    Everything for you to be in the center of attention, isn’t it? Rather than the issue, the topic, the people you can interview. Do you really love prison cells that much? Then you have no clue. Talk rather about what can be done to free him. What is necessary? Which political measures? Trade? International trial? UN? Or should we just enforce some more victimhood to feel bad and make another story? (Proud to be a copywriter and not a journalist, but sad to be silenced.)