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  • beha

    It is terrible
    to see what Al-shabab is doing out there against innocent people in East
    Africa. The recent one is from 21 September 2013 in Nairobi. They planned one
    of the worst terrorist actions in a manner of 11 September in a shop center
    frequented by European families and their children. They asked all Muslims to
    leave the place and started to kill children, women, old and sick flagrantly. This is the same Al-shabab
    labeled by the Ethiopian government as terrorists and supported actively until
    today by Johan and Martin. In fact Johan and Martin have got many praise and
    commendations mainly from fellow journalists for their action supporting the
    terrorist al-quida. Saying anything else
    is not trustworthy. You cannot change like a chameleon when it fits you. You
    have been supporting and still support their case to free Ogaden province from
    Ethiopia without any reservation. Do you still support the so called freedom
    fighters (you have referred them as such in many of your interviews), namely
    the Alshebab? Do not confuse the Swedish society by calling them something
    else. Alshebab operates in both Ethiopia (trying to free Ogaden as they call
    it) and Somalia. Why is no Journalist connecting
    the relation between Alshebab-Johan – Martin and the present terror inferno in

    Swedish Journalists
    are not honest. They are sessional and far from being credit worthy.

  • Anders

    Läst boken under några dagar och den är fantastisk på så många plan att jag inte hittar ord att beskriva det. Den är rörande, upprörande, spännande, kärleksfull, upplysande och …storslagen. Boken har lärt mig mer om yttrandefrihet, värdet av att få leva i en demokrati, journalistik och mänsklighet än 19 år i skolbänken. Ni är underbara!