Some advise about freedom


Dear Peter! Congratulations. The good news just reached me. I am so happy for you and hope you will be together with your family soon. You probably saw the sunset tonight and tomorrow you will see the sun rise. 400 days ago when the news of your arrest reached me something within me broke. Then [...]

Today Al Jazeera staff has spend 400 days in prison

Today marks 400 days since ‪#‎Freeajstaff‬ got arrested. On todays ‪#‎Aljazeera‬ I comment their and my case. In the interview I say that Egypt has very likely sneaked a look at Ethiopia, and has been impressed and inspired. Imprisoning journalists is a cheap form of censorship without any consequences. Diplomats and politicians from the West are expressing a cautious “concern” for [...]

The jailed colleague Dawit Isaak turns 50 in jail

Today the Swedish-Eritrean Journalist Dawit Isaak turns 50. A wonderful event for those who are free. A day to celebrate amongst friends and family. This will not be the case for Dawit Isaak. He has been held in Eritrean prison since 2001 without trial. Amnesty International considers him a prisoner of conscience and has called [...]

Journalism is now a crime


Some thoughts on the verdict against Peter Greste and his colleagues in Egypt.    Suddenly all the weeks of waiting was over. This morning the award-winning Australian Peter Greste, his Egyptian-Canadian editor Mohamed Fahmy and the producer, Baher Mohamed, where pulled out of their cold and dirty cells in Egypt’s Tora Prison. They had probably [...]

Translated reviews of “438 dagar” in the Swedish press

Salomonsson Agency has compiled some of the reviews from last month in the Swedish press about  “438 dagar”. For full reviews visit the book’s Swedish website. REVIEWS   “A crisp and extremely well-written reportage, ceaselessly suspenseful. As prison memoir it ought to instantly rank among the classics. It is pretty much impossible not be gripped by [...]

Ethiopian journalist on hunger strike


  This week I was reached by the news that the jailed journalist Reeyot Alemu has kicked off a hungerstrike in Kality protesting the prison’s decision to deny her visits from friends and relatives.  Instead of a release party for the book “438 days”  yesterday we took part in a seminar about our Eskinder Nega, Reeyot [...]

Kalityfondens logo – vilken väljer du?


Gensvaret på logotävlingen har varit fantastiskt och så också kvalitén på logotyperna. Tack för alla bidrag! Nu tänkte vi genom en omröstning avgöra vilken av dessa bidrag som ska symbolisera kampen för pressfrihet och fondens framtida arbete. Omröstningen pågår i en vecka och bland de tre bidrag med flest röster kommer vi i styrelsen för fonden att [...]

“African Union will thrive with freedom”

A published op-ed in Huffington Post together with with Mohamed Keita, advocacy coordinator for CPJ’s Africa Program. “A free, vibrant independent press and the open dispensation of competing ideas are necessary to make the noble goals of the African Union a reality.” Read it here.  

Logo Design Contest – Kality Foundation

To help other journalists who are, or risk ending up in the same situation as we were in, we will once the book is released (in Sweden this automn) launch a foundation: The Kality Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to to provide financial assistance to reporters and photographers worldwide who are imprisoned, persecuted, [...]